Best Mustard for Brats: Inglehoffer Stone Ground Mustard

What is the best mustard for brats? It’s a question we all ask at one point while we stuff our mouths full of this wonderful goodness. I used to always eat my bratwurst sausages on a soft bun (which isn’t wrong in any way, but I was really missing out) with the good old bottle of yellow mustard I had always used. There’s nothing wrong with good old yellow mustard, but it was far from being the best choice.

It wasn’t until much later that I eventually decided to seek the answer to this very question and discovered I had been missing out. The yellow wasn’t allowing me to get the best out of one of my favorite food, brats. I should have been using stone ground mustard instead. Well, that was great and all, but then it left me wondering which brand, or rather, who made the best stone ground mustard. Good thing for you, I’ve already done all the taste testing and have discovered who makes the best. Read on and I’ll let you know who makes the best.

What is Stone Ground Mustard

Stone ground is the best mustard for brats.
A bowl of stone ground mustard. As you can see, the texture looks a lot of coarse compared to the very fine and smoother looking yellow mustard you’re used to seeing from a bottle.

If this is your first time searching for the answer to our question, it may well be the first time you’ve heard of stone ground mustard. Don’t feel bad, because that was the very case with me when I first started looking for answers; except I had to spend a lot of time and effort reading from many different sources, whereas you don’t.

If you take a few seconds to not worry about the unfamiliar term and just read it as its name implies, then you’ll find out that it’s exactly what it is called. Well, that’s assuming you have an idea of how mustard is made. Mustard is made by grounding mustard seeds. In the case of our commonly available yellow mustard, the seeds are ground into a fine powder. The grounded mustard seed is then mixed with various ingredients to get our mustard.

Stone ground mustard is made the same way. The difference is the mustard seeds are often grounded with a stone mill for a much coarser grind.

What Makes It Better

Now, because the seeds are coarser, the mustard isn’t as strong as the yellow mustard. You get a milder mustard taste with stone ground. You might be thinking that’s a bad thing, but it’s actually not. Remember that too much of something is a bad thing. In this case, the standard stuff is too strong and over powers the flavors of the bratwurst. Stone grounds are often mixed with coarser grinds of select herbs and spices; creating a delicious balance of flavors that really makes your brat taste so much better.

Course ground mustards not only taste better, but they also add an extra layer of texture due to the coarsely ground mustard seeds, herbs, and spices. Good food is not just about the flavors. Texture truly adds some excitement to your taste buds and it will truly make your brat taste so much better when you bite into it.

The Best Stone Ground Mustard I’ve Found

Alright, now that you know what stone ground mustard is and why it’s vastly superior, let’s get to who makes the best of this stuff. After all, not all stone ground mustards are created equal. My personal choice (based on personal experience and lots of taste testing), as well as that of bratwurst purists, is Inglehoffer mustard, made by Beaverton Foods.

Inglehoffer stone ground mustard had provided me with the perfect balance of flavors in their traditional blend. They also have a lot of different flavors (including spicy sriracha), but my favorite remains their original recipe.  Their prices aren’t bad either. There are other brands out there that costs more, but doesn’t taste any better. Some actually doesn’t taste very good.

So there you have it; the best mustard for brats is the original Inglehoffer’s stone ground mustard. It’s fairly affordable, and its taste can’t be beat. If you only want to grab one bottle of mustard for your brats, grab the original recipe from Inglehoffer. I really do recommend you get a few different flavors at a time and try them out to see which one is your personal favorite. Don’t forget though; even with quality mustard, you still need to make sure you’re getting the best out of your brats by cooking it right. To make sure you do cook it right, follow these instructions.